Sunday, May 22, 2011


I put this little top on the frame today, just to play. I think that it belongs to Greater Columbia Guild. I was playing along and doing loops and having fun. I forgot that Piper was suppose to spend the afternoon with me.
Well, once she arrived we decided that she could 'help' me with the quilting of this top. When I got to the end we stood her up on a stool and she held the handles and I helped her guide Olivia. Her first question (remember she is 6 years old) was how do you do smooth loops. Well, she decided that maybe this was a little harder than she thought. She did help me finish the top and the picture below is what we did. I can't tell you how much fun that was.

I'm not real sure that you can see her quilting. She was amazed at what it felt like to drive Olivia. However, she assured me that a little girl would love this quilt. She was quite impressed that it was being given away to some special little girl.

Out of my 2 granddaughters I am sure to get at least one quilter------maybe both.

See you later this week.

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