Monday, December 8, 2014

What a Day!!!!

Today has been fantastic. I was up at 5:30 and working with Olivia (my hand guided Gammill Classic Plus) and this quilt by 6:00 this morning.
Before I left for a much needed quilting retreat last week, I had ditched the first row and had quilted 3 of the blocks. So, this morning I was really ready to rock and roll. I finished the first row:

I was very pleased at how this row turned out. I am trying to mix the traditional with some of the modern quilting to bring this top up to date.

Sorry about the pictures being off color, but, the weather here has been very gray.

Next up, row 2. I was amazed at how quickly this row quilted. Of course, I had chosen several designs to be repeated over the entire quilt, so that made things much easier. I actually finished quilting Row 2 in time to meet a friend for lunch around 1:00.

This is row 2:

Amazing how the whole face of the quilt changes with the quilting added to each block. As I am working, I can actually see and feel that happening.

Finally around 3:30 this afternoon, I started on Row 3:
I'm not showing the quilting on that row, yet. We will look at that tomorrow. However, row 3 is at least half done. This quilt is moving right along. All the while I am thinking what to do in the sashing and the border. I have seen so much in the way of piano keys that I really want something different, but, the border is a print and only with a 3" quiltable area. So, I'll keep thinking. I'll come up with something by the time I get to that point.

Tomorrow, I will also be loading a new quilt on Penelope Statler for her to work with while I am working with Olivia. I have one 'Frayed Knot' that is suppose to be dropping off a quilt for quilting and a new customer who will be bringing in a t-shirt quilt that she needs before Christmas. My usual customers have finished all of their tops with plenty of time for binding before Christmas, so, I am free to do 'emergency' quilting for others..........that's a lot of fun too.

After Christmas, we start the 'Charity Blitz' for the Devine quilt guild. More on that later, because that will be a LOT of tops quilted within a week.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to keep your seams straight.