Saturday, March 27, 2021

Open Space for May Quilt Retreat with One Loose Thread Quilting!!!!

 It does happen. One of our 'Frayed Knots' will be unable to attend the May retreat and that has opened up a sewing and sleeping space. The room opening is in the Lodge. All of the Cottage rooms are full. So, if you are interested, then let me know. I have put the registration information back up for everyone. You can find it by clicking on the link at the top of this page. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask I do have your answers.

This retreat is open to all level of quilters. No, there are no classes, but, the opportunity to learn from others is massive. We have beginners and we have professionals and we have all levels of knowledge in between. So, don't let that deter you from joining in the fun. 

On another subject. Today I am sewing on a year long project that is from Treadle Pushers in Sumter. It is a Moda Modern Quilt Along from several years ago. Lots of blocks that challenge even the most seasoned piecer. I hope to get these blocks done today so that I can work on 'Toil and Trouble' for a while tomorrow. I have not touched that project box since the February retreat. It deserves some time with my needle. 

Hope all of you are well and will continue to be so. That's it for now. Remember, if you want to sew with the 'Frayed Knots' in May, you need to get your registration in ASAP or even sooner. 

Have a great day!!

Every post deserves a picture... 😃

Tuesday, March 2, 2021




Gravatt Conference Center, Aiken, S. C. 

Wednesday, May 12 – Sunday, May 16, 2021


Registrations will be taken as received. As I have done for the last year, we will operate under Covid guidelines. Masks, social distancing, and single rooms only.

This is a UFO event. You work on your own projects and just have a relaxing good time. Quilters of all levels from beginner to professional.
All meals are provided by the fantastic Gravatt kitchen!  No dishes to wash!!! 
Walking paths all over the camp so that you can get your daily exercise. Walk by the lake and just lose yourself in your surroundings.
Nothing is structured except meal times.
Your fee includes
Neat and clean lodging in either Cole Lodge or Our quaint cottages.
All Cole Lodge rooms will be singles with 2 queen beds.
The cottage rooms have adjoining rooms, each sleeping 1. There is a shared bathroom.
All meals starting with dinner on Wednesday night and ending with brunch on Sunday.

A 6-foot table all to yourself as your work area (currently this would be 2 of these tables per person)
Ironing surfaces furnished by One Loose Thread (I currently supply one large surface per building. Everyone will be allowed to bring their own SMALL TRAVEL iron)

Each person can do their cutting on their second table
Snack Area

Massage available
Lots of Laughter
Of course, a few surprises will be thrown into the mix. 
Any Questions should be directed to:

One Loose Thread Quilting, 630 Planters Drive, Columbia, S. C. 29209

Questions? Call 803-776-5801---the Studio

Friday, February 5, 2021

A Long Journey Comes to an End

 Well, it is finally over! I logged this quilt top into the Studio on February 14, 2019. I'm sure that Sally intended it to be shown at one of the Guild Shows in Aiken. That didn't happen. It hung for quite a while before I actually loaded it on my machine. 

As you can see, it didn't start to load until July of 2020. So many things had happened in my personal life that somethings had to wait and Sally was kind enough to allow this to wait too. 

So, it was loaded and I started the Stitch in the Ditch to stabilize the quilt. Everything went well. Stitching around ay type of applique' takes time and ditch stitching is one of the most difficult things to do on a longarm machine. Anyway, I worked through that over a period of time. Then it was time for the backgound fills on each block..................and she sits and waits..........and waits.........and waits. 

There are days that I can walk up to a machine and just start stitching. Other times it will not let me take control. So I waited..........then I finally figured out what I wanted to do in the background. Something simple that would showcase the applique' and not just jump off of the quilt. 

So, now I had all of the backgrounds locked down. There were some blocks that had interior areas that I would decide on later.........much later. Time for the sashing. 

And she waits..........and she waits...........and she consults with a quilting mentor..........and she waits. Finally, I decided to do something a little unconventional. I set up my Statler and placed this design in the sashing areas. 

This is the only part of the quilting on this piece that was computer assisted. So, the sashings are done.

Time for the borders. And, she waits........... and she waits...........and she draws........and she thinks........and she again consults her quilting mentor...........Then one day, she stitches.

Don't pay attention to the white lines. That didn't happen, but, it got me started and soon the border was complete.

Then I still had some blocks where the centers were open and those need 'something'. And she waits.....

Do you see now why it takes me so long to complete a custom quilt?........

At any rate, yesterday February 4, 2021, I took the last stitch in this project. Pulled it down so that I could actually look at it and I just cried. That happens to me when I am so into a project like this and then get to the end. It is done. I am really happy with the end results. And, I can't actually believe that I did it. 

So, here it is. It will soon be on its way to Virginia, because Sally moved recently. Lot's of life changes for both of us, but, now we can put this one project aside. 

If Sally will allow, I hope to take this to Quilt Camp in a couple of weeks for 'Show and Tell'. Then I can get it on a rack and get some really good pictures. 
For now, it's off on another adventure. I have custom clients listed for the next few months, so it's off to start on another exciting journey!!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Plan for the Future

 I had lunch with a fellow longarm quilter yesterday. We do that periodically just to touch base with each other and to talk about our chosen avocation. It's always good to bounce ideas off of each other, share thoughts on different subjects, and possibly work out joint projects.

While we were talking the subject of my quilt retreats came up. I think I have convinced her that she needs to come join the fun really soon. We have all been so confined, more so than usual, and getting around other quilters will always raise your spirits and help with getting the creative juices flowing. Seeing what others are working on always jump starts our creativity. 

One idea that came out of our lunch was for me to re-start 'May Mester' in 2022. I have had requests for that type of retreat where we are in class for several days and then have the option of staying around to sew for a few more days. I have also set this as a split retreat where some are there for the instruction and some to work on UFO's.

 I have actually missed this 'teaching' retreat. My opinion is that we need to stretch ourselves to do somewhat more difficult designs so that life doesn't become dull and boring. Here lately we tend to do alot of  really fast quilt tops. Now, don't get me wrong, as a longarmer I love those types of quilt tops as they keep me busy. However, I love seeing someone tackle something that they thought they could never do, and then see it to completion.

So, I have added a poll to my group facebook page to test the waters as to the type of quilt that you might like to 'tackle'. For about 4 years we did Judy Neimeyer quilts, and I am not against doing them again. Many of us thought we could not do those quilts and I have seen many of them completed over the last couple of years. (I have a few myself that need to be quilted) A similar quilt would be one from Jacqueline de Jonge. I have always wanted to work on one of hers, but, have heard that the instructions are somewhat convoluted and difficult to follow and understand. That said, I have someone who can carry us through that maze. With either of these choices we could pick a specific quilt or two and all work together to learn how to put them together. If you didn't want to pick your own fabrics, Batiks Etc. is always a great place to have a kit made up. I have used them often and always happy with the results. There are several local quilt shops that might want to step in and help with this too. These are just 2 examples of the designers. These are not the actual quilts that we might choose to work on. 

This is one from Jacqueline de Jonge.

This is one of the many Judy Neimeyer quilts.

Well, that's as far as I have gotten with this idea for now. It does add a little spark of excitement to the coming years at One Loose Thread. I do love doing retreats. I do love the planning stage. It's like I can invite everyone to my home studio for several days of sewing and the joy it brings. Add to that the peace that we feel when we go to Gravatt for several days, it makes all of the work worthwhile. 

So, think about it. Let me know what might interest you. But in the meantime:


Thursday, January 21, 2021

It's a New Year!!

I cannot believe that we are more than half way through the month of January!! 

I haven't done a 'true' blog post in a long time. I can remember sitting at this computer in the evenings and doing some pretty good writing. With Covid, keeping up with Mr. OLT's health issues, trying to keep a small business running, I just haven't found the time or the energy. However, it's time to get back to 'real living'.

Quilt camp is coming up in a few weeks, so I am working on getting ready for that. Letters with supply lists and forms have been mailed to everyone. This is the retreat where we do an optional mystery. I say optional because everyone gets the clues and they decide if they will be participating. The mystery, again this year, is one from Deb Caffery. She writes great directions and I have always been pleased with her quilts. Sometimes not my fabric choices, but, that's not the quilts problem. 

I haven't really come up with a theme for this camp. In November we did 'Purple'. In August we did Dr. Seuss (that was really fun!). Last February we did Mardi Gras. I'm thinking that 'Spring' will be a good idea for this February. Nice bright colors. Lots of flowers. Keep it light and fun.

I have been working on some client quilts. Here are a few pictures of those. Some, I can't show you for one reason or another. 

I do have a couple of custom quilts in the works and a couple of commissions that I'm working on. I have a few personal projects, but, we'll talk about them another day. 

I hope this new year finds you healthy and happy. We have to make the best of the situations that we currently have, that's for sure. 

Have a great day and LET'S GO SEW!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Questions Answered about Quilt Camp


I have been asked about how I operated my retreats during this terrible time of Covid-19. This is how it works.

Even with all of these precautions, I cannot guarantee anything.

This is the way things stand TODAY..............

 1. All rooms will be singles charged out at the rate of a double. No one may share rooms.

2. Everyone will have 2 6 foot tables to work with. There will be no 'pods' as we usually have.

3. I will only supply one ironing surface per building, so everyone will be allowed to bring TRAVEL irons and their own ironing surfaces.

4. I will not supply cutting surfaces..........everyone will need to cut on the extra tables that I have provided.

5. Masks will be worn whenever you are out of your chair and moving about the room.

6. Temperatures will be taken at check-in and every morning at breakfast.

7. All meals will be plated. There will be no salad bars or buffets.

8. Masks will be worn into the dining hall and as you move around in there. Once seated at a table they can be removed.

9. The number of people seated at a table for meals will be limited.

10. You must bring your own pillow.

11. Once on site, I ask that no one leave and no one is allowed to visit. That limits the possibility of exposure.

12. I also request that everyone limit people contact for at least a week prior to camp, in a effort to keep everyone as safe as possible.

 We will be in 2 buildings, so, you can imagine that the number of campers will be reduced. At this time there is space available.

Hopefully you can tell that I have done everything to keep everyone as safe as possible. We still find it necessary for all attendees to sign a disclaimer for both Gravatt and One Loose Thread.

 This is the way I have operated my last 2 retreats and it has worked well. We do the best we can.

 Joyce Greer-One Loose Thread, llc