Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am Woman !!!

The challenge this year for the Quilters of South Carolina is called Give Me Your Heart. This challenge is to bring awareness to Women's heart health. Heart Disease is number one when it comes to killing women. This is my entry:

I found most of the image on the internet and then added some lines and images of my own. I am really pleased with the piece and my husband has named it "I AM WOMAN". Sounds like a song don't cha think?
I also finished quilting a piece for Tori this weekend. I don't have the binding seewn down yet, but a few hours in front of the TV and that will be done.

All this means, that I have finished my 2 challenge pieces--One for the Devine Guild (Sunflowers) and the One for QSC--still needs label and sleeve (no problem). I have also quilted
my second quilt on the longarm (still not named). Now, next weekend I can get back to the applique on the Devine Guild quilt. I need to add a few pieces of applique before I can pass it back to Linda. She is ready to begin the piecing of the center section of the quilt.

Just Stitchin' Fall Quilt Camp is just a few weeks away so that is also coming up on my to do list.

I have tried posting this 3 times and each time blogger posts it differently. Hope it looks OK this time.

Have a great week.

Friday, September 25, 2009





Artful Bras: Hooters, Melons and Boobs, Oh My! A Quilt Guild's Fight Against Breast Cancer

In an effort to promote breast cancer awareness, this book celebrates the Artful Bra challenge of the Quilters of South Carolina quilt guild. Each participant took a padded underwire bra and covered it entirely, with everything from fabric to feather to fringe.

The result was the Artful Bra exhibit that traveled to various places in South Carolina, raising money for the Best Chance Network, a program that offers free mammograms to uninsured women. The impact was huge, however, with the help of the Internet. Emails with photos of the bras were forwarded all over the world – a success for the guild in spreading awareness about the disease.

Inside, you’ll find photographs of each of the 50 decorated bras with fun names such as “Hooters,” “Two Cans,” “Support Your Favorite Boob” and “Look At Them Ther’ Watermelons.” You’ll also read the designers’ stories about the inspiration behind the designs, and how they made them.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Best Chance Network.
Just thought you might like to know. I did add a few links in case you needed to pre-order all of your Christmas Presents.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thanks to Liz (Frog Quilter) I was finally able to get my brain around piecing the backing to this quilt. I know you won't believe me, but it did take a good 12 hours of working,thinking,working,thinking to get it on the frame.

I think that we tend to forget that there are somethings that we forget. I had not pieced a backing for at least 2 years. Most of the stuff I do is miniature or at least no bigger that 36x48".

Where do beginning quilters learn how to piece a backing? I don't think that I ever took a beginner class, so I don't know if most teachers include this aspect or not.

Until I got this new toy, I really didn't know that the seams in the backing should go in a particular direction if a longarm quilter was to quilt the top. Did you?

Once I had it loaded--that took about and hour--which is not to bad for a beginner, I ran my pantograph 6 times over the quilt top and it was quilted!!!!

That took me about 2 hours since I did other "stuff" in between the rows.

I took it off the frame last night and made the binding for it. I am now in the process of sewing it down. I will take it to Guild tomorrow night and hope to get a full picture sometime next week. Then I will post the finished photo. I can't believe that this is actually the first finished quilt from my new toy!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!

This will be a Christmas Present for a very special little girl. When she saw it on my design wall she immediately asked for it. I will put a special label on it for her so that she will know that it was the first quilt that grandmommie quilted on her new machine in 2009.

Have a great week!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


No pictures today. I have spent all day getting ready to put a 'Real' quilt on the longarm (not yet named). It is unbelieveable how difficult it is for me to figure backing. I know, I have been working in miniature for a long time, but, you would think that I could figure backing and stitch it together and get it on the frame. NOT !!!! I spent 4 hours today trying to get this on the frame to no avail. So, I need a remedial course in backing. I need to know how to compute the yardage and how to sew it all together.

HELP !!!