Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! What fun!!

I have some fantastic customers. One of them is Mary Pease. She entrusted her appliqued halloween quilt top to me to be quilted. Well, it took 7 days, but it is finally completed. She has some things to add to the quilt and the binding to do, but, my job is finished.  I don't understand how some longarm quilters can do a quilt like this in 2 or 3 days. Many times it takes that long for the top to talk loud enough for me to hear. Anyhow, here are a few pictures taken of the journey this quilt and I have been on.
This is where we started

The 'feathers' in the circle are actually some of Jamie Wallen's Bat Wings. Cool huh?

 Mary had embroidered smoke coming out of the chimney, so, I tried to emphasize that with the quilting. Take note of the quilt hanging on the house. There is a secret under it.

 This is one speedy witch.

I did stitch in some crooked siding on this house. And tried to give the impression that the witch was shaking her feet.
Cool Crow.........Tried to add a leaf in here.

I did add a weather vane at the top of the barn. Every barn needs one right? There is also someone staring out of the hayloft???

The school house was a challenge, but, I did manage to give some texture to is just by following the fabric. So many times it is the design in the fabric that leads me to what I will stitch in an area.

Not much done except ditch the bats and do some 'straight-line' piano keys.

You really can't see black border on this quilt, but, I used more of what I learned in Jamie Wallen's class on this.

The Pictures are all over the place thanks to Blogger, but, I am going to leave them the way that they are. Sort of 'whackie', like this quilt.
See, I told you there was a surprise under the quilt on the house?? Also, please take a look at how I treated all of the grass. This was something that I learned in a class with Linda Taylor during MQX in February of this year. Jamie also introduced me to the bat-wing feather that I used in the candy corn border.

I think I have used something from every teacher that I have had this year in this quilt. Even if I can't remember who taught it, my brain must have absorbed it. I firmly believe in taking classes when I can. I watch every video I can get access to and read constantly to expand my knowledge of longarm quilting and quilting in general.

That's it for now. I have one more custom top in line, but, won't get to it for a while. Time to work through some pantographs for some customers and to work on my longarm challenge quilt. So for now:
Let's go Sew!!!