Sunday, March 22, 2009

No, I am not lost

I know, I have been very lazy when it comes to updating my blog. So sorry, I will try to do better. The last few weeks have been so busy. We went to Quilt Camp and had a fantastic weekend. This is always a very therapeutic time for me. The whole weekend was one big laugh. I did accomplish somethings. I caught up with my baby jane, but more on that later.

During a One Stop Shop Hop in Lancaster I found the book 'Fabulous Fractures' by Brenda Esslinger. I had to try the technique, so this was the results:

I used three repeats of a sunflower panel and cut it up and then put it back together. This was FUN!! The finished results looks as though the piece is vibrating. Really cool!!

I tried working on my Library project, but, stopped when I realized that my 1/4" on my 153 was not the same as on my 180--go figure. I decided not to go an further with it until I got home.

The Lancaster trip was so much fun. Pat (my sister) and Cheryl (long time friend) went with me. We 'did' the Shop Hop and contributed to the economy there then we headed for Mary Jo's. You know, you can't get that close and not make that trip. Well, we all did do our best to pay her power bill for the day. Pat and I had not been there for at least a year and Cheryl had never been, so, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Also included in the past few weeks was a great QSC District 4 Spring meeting. We do this each Spring so that everyone can visit and see what is going on in our district. The day was beautiful and the Show and Tell was Amazing!!! I'll try to post some of those pictures later.

OK, enough for now. I will post more later---lot's to tell you about the 'Artful Bra's'!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Honey I'm Home !!!

Spring Quilt Camp was fantastic!! I will post pictures later this week. Right now, we are waiting for the snow to start falling. Forcast of 1 to 5 inches for this area. I hope it snows until it is up to my knees!!

Have a good week,