Monday, August 7, 2017


This has been a very busy day and I'm still not ready to go yet. But, let's see what I have accomplished.
1. All of the name tags have been printed. They are not yet in the holders, but, I'll get that in a bit.
2. Tablecloths are washed and folded
3. The centerpieces for the tables have been cut and are ready to go.
4. The favors for Saturday night are made, they just need to be wrapped.
5. I have cut 100's of 5" squares for us to make coasters for the QSC Spring Meeting
6. I have printed one of the patterns for the QSC Presidents Challenge and gathered several bolts of fabric to be used for that purpose.
7. I have the important wine purchase done.
8. All of the quilts that I have to deliver are bagged and ready.
9. The Electrical cords have been counted out for each sewing area.
10. The cutting mats are packed

I could go on and fill a full page of what has been going on, but, you could easily get bored with that.
Now, what projects am I taking to work on?
Well, The first thing on the list is to finish Bonnie Hunters mystery for this year, 'EnProvence'.
This one is Bonnie's----not mine.
Well, that was the one we started in 2016, so I'm not really behind yet. All of the units are ready and all I need to do is put them all together.........I think.
The second project I am taking is my English Paper Piecing bag with Dear Jane and Patchwork of the Crosses in it.
This is the pattern for 'Patchwork of the Crosses'. I am doing a BOM of this using 30's reproduction fabrics.This will provide me a change from machine stitching.
The third project is my Judy Niemeyer quilt from May Mester 2017...Vintage Rose.
 I only have a few units of that complete, so whatever I get done this week will be wonderful. It won't get finished though. This is my choice of colors for this quilt. Of course, Purple, orange and white. GO TIGERS!!!

This is one of my longer retreats. Everyone arrives on Wednesday afternoon. We sew, we eat, we laugh, we cry. We go shopping since there are 2 quilt shops equi-distance from Camp.

My massage is scheduled for Friday morning, and I know I'll really need it by that time. Brandi is so good to us and makes us feel so much better. Without her, I don't think I could sew for 5 days in a stretch.

We will all pack up to go home on Sunday. It's always a sad time and I really hate to see everyone leave. But, I know they'll be back. Some will return in November. Many I won't see again until February. And, there are those that only come in for May Mester. Then there are a few that can't come back until next August. I'll miss everyone, but, that's the nice thing about the internet and Facebook, we all keep in touch and when we are together's like we never left.

I'll try to post some pictures as we go though the week, but, I won't promise because I stay pretty busy,especially since we are sewing in two seperate buildings.

Have a great week and LET'S GO SEW!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Quilt Retreat Preparation

Shame on me!! I did not take the first picture yesterday and it was an epic day!!

In the studio it was a 'sweat shop' to get the favors ready for Summer Camp. I always try to give everyone something handmade. Pat is the one that usually make these things for me, but, this year, the project I picked was a little to time consuming and I didn't leave her enough time to get them done. So, yesterday, Pat, Alexis ( my granddaughter) and I worked to complete a totally new project. Piper was invited, but, her mother said that she had other things to do and would not be interested. We really missed her.

I cut everything out on the Studio cutter and then we all got together and ironed, stitched, turned and counted until all of them were complete. Pat still has a few more to turn and they will be ready.We had a blast!! I love it when my Grandchildren are in the studio with me. Alexis loves it when she can sit and stitch with her Aunt Pitty Pat and me too.

So, that part of the prep is ready to go. I have been working on this project this week.
I promised Mary that I would have it ready for her at Quilt Camp and I believe it will be ready to go. If all goes well today, I will finish it by tomorrow afternoon (Sunday). Just in time for me to start getting everything together for camp.

Mr. OLT is home this weekend and thanks to a great surgical team and all of your prayers, he is doing well. We will be looking at additional surgery in the weeks to come, but, for now he is in a recovery stage. The future is bright, but please keep those prayers coming. He, Dusty, and Austin are working on a project here at the house that needs to be taken care of so that will take up their day while I work on the pachyderm.

Mr. OLT had a birthday yesterday. Many family members gathered for pizza, beer, and birthday cake. It was so good to have so many of us together in one place. Those who could not attend, were missed.

OK, enough of this for today. I'm off to stitch!!! I hope your day is full of smiles and giggles. Just don't let anyone steal your JOY.