Sunday, December 28, 2008


Have you registered for Spring Quilt Camp? You will find all of the information on the Just Stitchin' Web site . So, Hurry over there and get registered. Sherry is really working hard on our Mystery Quilt--- so-------get registered and we will see you at Spring Quilt Camp!!!!!

Back to Baby Jane

I have finally caught up again. During Christmas I could not get to my machine. So, here is what I did yesterday.

TR5 Michigan Dunes

L-8 Box Kite

K-4 Thea's Turn

K-13 Brandon's Star

G-3 Four Leaf Clover


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last minute "Stuff"

I have been spending the last few days trying to get everything together and done for Christmas. The oven has been working overtime and my poor husband has been doing all that he could. I still have to wrap the gifts and decide who gets the cakes and who gets the cheesecakes. Two of my favorite people were over here this afternoon, so I cooked, while we all talked.
They really were good the entire time they were here (welllllllllllllllll almost all of the time). They really are trying to make a good impression since they know that Santa is watching.
Everyone will be here on Thursday so lots of food will be consumed. Unless I have miscounted, we should have 19 for gifts and dinner. We are getting a predicted weather forcast of 70 degrees for the day, so the children will be able to play outside. However the lows for tonight and tomorrow night will be in the 20's!! Dick has enclosed the screen porch with poly just to make sure that we can use the space for the day. Actually, with the help of a heater, we should be able to use the porch for the entire winter. I like that idea. I'll try to get some photos of Christmas at the Greer house and get them posted soon.
The studio is a wreck at the present time, but, should be clean soon. At least I hope so, because I intend to set up 2 tables in here for Dinner on Christmas. Needless to say, I have not been doing any sewing. This is difficult at this time of the year and I usually can't wait to start a new project
for the new year.
Just in case I don't get back to you before:
Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

CHECK OUT THE BRAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I am behind in my blogging, but I have been on vacation. More about that later. For now go to and see all of the Artful Bras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today was Tough!!!

This top is finally finished!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!
This should have been completed HOURS ago. I was ready to put in the last seam and would you believe that 2 blocks were turned around? Ever had that happen? Somehow something was backwards. I could blame Rocky, but, he has been outside all day. Anyhow, at least it is now finished and I can now go on to something else. I think that needs to be the Bug quilt that I was quilting more than a month ago. The Bugs will be someones Christmas quilt, but I don't know who.

Now to clean up the kitchen, make some cornbread and fix supper.
See ya!

PS. right now, blogger won't show my signatures, hope they fix this soon.

Baby Jane and other "Stuff"

I had lots of company in the Studio yesterday to "help" with my various projects.
This is Rocky and Patches. He really gave her a hard time yesterday. It was cold outside, so Dick decided that he needed to be inside. What a day!

He harrassed that cat all day. Rocky loves to lick, like any Lab, and Patches was soaking wet most of the time. She really was patient with him.

This is Jake. He is a 15 year old Lab Shephard mix that we adopted 15 years ago as a puppy. He really can sleep with his head in this position. He is the very best dog we have ever had. Rocky has a lot to live up to.

This is another block to my Cottage Garden Quilt. This makes block number 3. Only 6 more to go!!! This project will have to age for a while so that I can get back to work on Christmas.

Now, to Baby Jane. I have caught up again.
This Green and white block is D-7 Meeting Place

The yellow and white blockI-3 Family Album

This multi-color is L-4 St. George's Cross

This triangle is BR (Bottom Row) 8 Thunderhead.
This brings my Dear Jane signature to :
Who would have believed that I could accomplish so much in just the 8 months that I have been working on this project. I didn't actually start until March. I am loving this project.
Have a good week and a Great Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back to Baby Jane

I am finally trying to catch up with my Baby Jane. After Quilt Camp, QSC's retreat, and fulfilling other obligations I can get back to this.

This red and white block is C-5 Eye of the Cyclone. It required a little piecing and a little applique. Lots of fun to do

Next Up would be yellow and white and called C-4 Tic Tac Toe-variation 1. This required some
paper piecing and a little adjustment on the corners. What fun!

Then there is the purple block. A-10 Which Points West. Boy!! was this a bear!!! Anina provided us with some wonderful instructions to help out with this block. When I started it I really did not think it would work our, but, SURPRISE it finished perfectly. Thanks Anina.
Now we have our triangle. This is Right Side Triangle 8, Love Forever. Total reverse applique and great fun.

These are the blocks that I have completed today. Hopefully I can do something toward Christmas presents tomorrow. I also need to up load some of the pictures from Quilt Camp and from our Guild Challenge, Devine Stars. See you soon.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Have you seen these "Goblins"?

How are these for Halloween Tricks and Treats?

One Super Woman, One Pixie, and One Bat Man. If you see these three give them lots of sugar and then I will send them home with their parents!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time Out

I have to admit to not working on my Baby Jane this weekend. The State Fair is going on and of course we had to go. I had 3 pieces entered and did manage to blue ribbons on two of them.

The Tulip is one that we exhibited during the library exhibit because it's background is done in the log cabin style.

The red, white, and black is a miniature that I did for our guild challenge last year. I was really disappointed in how it was displayed. It was in a case that showed lots of Carolina and Clemson pieces. Anyone who knows me, knows that I AM NOT A GAMECOCK, no matter how badly Clemson in playing.

How about Piper at the Fair?

These three are cut from the same cloth.

Look at how Piper and Dick attack their corn dogs!!!

All Piper wanted to ride was the Merry Go Round. She did not want anything to do with the Horses, just to sit on the bench and ride. She had a fantastic time and rode 2 times with her Mom and 2 times with her Uncle Jay.

This has to be the best trip to the fair since my children were young. Of course we couldn't enjoy it as much then because they were our children.

This is where I spent my Saturday, at the Quilted Pearl. I was taking a class with Lynn Buske on her miniature 4-patch swirl. You know I can't resist something that says miniature.

I do hope everyone has a good week. I will be getting everything together to attend Quilters of South Carolina Fall Retreat. I am looking forward to the whole experience. That said, I will be 4-5 blocks behind on my Baby Jane when I return and will then spend the next week catching up. See you later,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hooray It's Done!!!!

I can't believe it. Anina assigned this block, A-5 which is called Cathie's Campfire, and I had already done it at some other time.
So, hooray it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now to try to finish getting ready for QSC's Fall retreat. I have my blocks cut and all of the blocks together, except for the star blocks. I am taking a class to make a quilt called "How Far Is It to Bethlehem?" from the book Adoration Quilts by Rachel W. N. Brown. So all I have to do now is get the rest of the fabric together for the applique.
I'm also taking a class this weekend on a 4patch swirl, but in miniature. This quilt is similar to the Stack and Whack, except it is a four patch and this one is in miniature. Can't wait to start this one.
Need to get back to work. Have a good week,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Jane Goes to Quilt Camp

What is wrong with this picture? The block is actually
D-11 Snow Crystal. It took me at least 4 hours to complete this Block while at Quilt Camp. Tonight while I am taking pictures of my completed blocks it all of a sudden dawns on me that this block is not correctly done.

All four of the large diamonds are suppose to be gold. Sooooooooooo, guess that I will have to re-do this one, but for now I am going to put it aside. I need a day or two to work up the nerve to start it again. It was a BEAR!!!

Now we have K-10 Quandry. Done while at Quilt Camp

How about M-13 Lynette's Diamond?
Done while at Quilt Camp.

This is Courtney's Stethoscope. I did this one today.

This is D-6 Challenge. Did this one at, you guessed it,
Quilt Camp

This is G-1 Hattie's Hen House,
done at Quilt Camp

This one is LS-9 Kiwi.

I did this while at Quilt Camp last weekend. In fact most of these blocks were done while at Quilt Camp.

This one was done today. It is TR-3 Checkerboard.

I will have a different post re: the real happenings at "Quilt Camp" in a few days. It was one fantastic weekend with 17 of our best friends. I am soooooooooo sorry that you missed it, but I hope that you can make it in February 2009.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now, where is that Pattern for that miniature?

I posted these pictures on my other blog for Just Stitchin' Retreats. Currently I am getting ready for Fall Quilt Camp that is next weekend (Thurs-Sunday). I hope to have some organization to this mess by this afternoon. The process takes several days and I forget from one time to the other what needs to be done.

Our last event was in April and somethings needed to be reworked for this one. I also needed a new mouse for the laptop, a new printer(the other one died), and a few other goodies for our surprise that we have planned for the weekend. During Spring Quilt Camp we always have a mystery quilt that those who want to can work on. But for Fall we just try to do some "little"(and I stress little) project that doesn't take much time and can be serious or silly. I think we have just the thing this time.

If you look very closely you would be able to see what the project might be--Good Luck!!!

You might also see some of the goodies that folks will win over the course of our get together.
What you won't see is all of the fun that we will have. We laugh, we cry, we get silly, we get serious. It is amazing how renewing these weekends are. When I get home on Sunday I will be exhausted but in a good way.

I'll post many pictures after we return. Have a good week. Stay safe.

PS. That is Patches the cat checking out the studio. I wish she knew how to catalog books. My library is running over.