Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now, where is that Pattern for that miniature?

I posted these pictures on my other blog for Just Stitchin' Retreats. Currently I am getting ready for Fall Quilt Camp that is next weekend (Thurs-Sunday). I hope to have some organization to this mess by this afternoon. The process takes several days and I forget from one time to the other what needs to be done.

Our last event was in April and somethings needed to be reworked for this one. I also needed a new mouse for the laptop, a new printer(the other one died), and a few other goodies for our surprise that we have planned for the weekend. During Spring Quilt Camp we always have a mystery quilt that those who want to can work on. But for Fall we just try to do some "little"(and I stress little) project that doesn't take much time and can be serious or silly. I think we have just the thing this time.

If you look very closely you would be able to see what the project might be--Good Luck!!!

You might also see some of the goodies that folks will win over the course of our get together.
What you won't see is all of the fun that we will have. We laugh, we cry, we get silly, we get serious. It is amazing how renewing these weekends are. When I get home on Sunday I will be exhausted but in a good way.

I'll post many pictures after we return. Have a good week. Stay safe.

PS. That is Patches the cat checking out the studio. I wish she knew how to catalog books. My library is running over.

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