Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jam Packed Weekend

Would you believe that this is the center block of Jane's quilt? Now it is the center of MY quilt. As you may notice the corners are a little short, so, I may have to remake it. I think that I will leave it as it is for now.

I have caught up again so that I hope that I can stay up to date.

When I look at this picture it looks as though my sister Pat is assisting Piper. Well, it isn't. It is me. Piper was here with her mother yesterday and she was telling Tori that she was using a little iron. Well, she was. I had been doing some paper piecing and was using my little hand iron. She knew exactly what it was and educated her mother to that fact.

This is what I was paper piecing. Boy what a block!!! It is called Pot Holder. Go figure. What a challenge.

This is a right side triangle. RS11 Hills of Jerusalem
Busy time coming up. Devine Quilters will be hosting Scott Murkin tomorrow night for a lecture. I really look forward to this. He has been known to work with miniature blocks, so, I know that he has to be nutty.
Quilt Camp is getting closer and I really need to get to work on the "surprises" that we have in store for our campers. I also need a theme for our Saturday night supper.
Hope everyone has a good and safe week.



Judy Heyward said...

When I look at the blocks you have done, Joyce, "the patience of Job" comes to mind. Keep up the good--and meticulous--work.

Miri said...

Pretty blocks and I peeked at your Baby Jane and its coming along nicely-great work.