Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reporting In-This is a Long One

The only thing that I am up to date with is Baby Jane. The Green and Peach block is J-4 Adalaine's Apron Strings completed months ago. The red and pink block is L-3 Reflections Abound. The Green and white block is H-8 Eaton's Cross Roads. I only have to complete this weeks triangle and I will do that tomorrow.

I am so far behind on Christmas, that I may never catch up. I have to complete the quilting on the quilt for Alexis, Piece and quilt the one for Piper, and figure out what to do for Austin and get it done.

The picture of my design wall will give you some idea as to the mess that I have in the studio at this time.

1. The star quilt that I started in a class last week.

2. The House and Vase of flowers for one of the applique quilts that I am working on.

3. My red, black, and white miniature--that I just love to look at.

4. You can see one sleeve of the jacket from the class last month.

5. Look closely and you will see a few rows of a miniature tumbler that I have started

6. There is a possible border for the Just Stitchin' mystery from last February

7. Two blue and white miniature star blocks--what for? who knows!

8. On the table you can see the art bra's that I am working on for QSC challenge

9. There is a portrait block of Piper that I did a year and a half ago that I hope to do something with very soon.

10. Two applique blocks from 2 years ago and Just Stitchin's trip to Palm Key


11. Lexie's quilt that I am quilting

12. A Love Quilt from Guild that needs binding

13. Kristy's lap quilt that needs the binding sewn down.
We are only 4 weeks away from FALL QUILT CAMP and all the surprises that come with that.

I think that I need to get back to work. Something needs to be finished this weekend.
Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day.


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Anina said...

Wow! You'd better get moving! Do you quilt while walking on the treadmill? :-)