Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Jane Goes to Quilt Camp

What is wrong with this picture? The block is actually
D-11 Snow Crystal. It took me at least 4 hours to complete this Block while at Quilt Camp. Tonight while I am taking pictures of my completed blocks it all of a sudden dawns on me that this block is not correctly done.

All four of the large diamonds are suppose to be gold. Sooooooooooo, guess that I will have to re-do this one, but for now I am going to put it aside. I need a day or two to work up the nerve to start it again. It was a BEAR!!!

Now we have K-10 Quandry. Done while at Quilt Camp

How about M-13 Lynette's Diamond?
Done while at Quilt Camp.

This is Courtney's Stethoscope. I did this one today.

This is D-6 Challenge. Did this one at, you guessed it,
Quilt Camp

This is G-1 Hattie's Hen House,
done at Quilt Camp

This one is LS-9 Kiwi.

I did this while at Quilt Camp last weekend. In fact most of these blocks were done while at Quilt Camp.

This one was done today. It is TR-3 Checkerboard.

I will have a different post re: the real happenings at "Quilt Camp" in a few days. It was one fantastic weekend with 17 of our best friends. I am soooooooooo sorry that you missed it, but I hope that you can make it in February 2009.



Judy Heyward said...

Looking good, Joyce. How more to go?

Corky said...

I admire you quilters that have taken on the Dear Jane challenge! I'm enjoying watching your progress.

Anina said...

Quilt Camp has been very, very productive for you. Your blocks are beautiful.