Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today was Tough!!!

This top is finally finished!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!
This should have been completed HOURS ago. I was ready to put in the last seam and would you believe that 2 blocks were turned around? Ever had that happen? Somehow something was backwards. I could blame Rocky, but, he has been outside all day. Anyhow, at least it is now finished and I can now go on to something else. I think that needs to be the Bug quilt that I was quilting more than a month ago. The Bugs will be someones Christmas quilt, but I don't know who.

Now to clean up the kitchen, make some cornbread and fix supper.
See ya!

PS. right now, blogger won't show my signatures, hope they fix this soon.


Mary said...

This is gorgeous Joyce! I have finished a top only to find out that I have a block rotated the wrong way. Last time it was the final block in the quilt so at least it was an easy fix.

Judy Heyward said...

How beautiful, Joyce--what a great choice of color. Most of us have had that awful realization that something isn't quite right with our quilt. At least you could fix it! And it was worth it.

Cathi said...

Hey, I usually blame the machine but if you want to blame the dog, have at it! It looks great. And I'm jealous of the vacation part.