Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Let's go to the coast of South Carolina!!!

Wouldn't you just love to take a walk down this secluded area beside the water?
This is the strip of sand that will be available for you to take these walks on if you participate in our Beach Trip Retreat in November 2011.

St. Christopher has great facilities for our use. Beth is demonstrating the 'White Board' we can write all of our important points on.

See the projector in the ceiling? I have many video's on quilting subjects that we can show using that equipment.
Can you believe the SIZE of this room? Those of you who have been with me to Quilt Camp, can appreciate this room. With all of this area we will finally be able to 'sew together', something we have been wanting to do for years.
The contrast on this picture is not really good enough to see the water over the dunes, but, you get the idea. Outside of our sewing area is a wonderful deck with rocking chairs to sit and ponder the next project that you can start.

Our sleeping quarters are all within 200 feet of the sewing area, so a quick nap will not be far away.

The cafeteria is just a short walk away and the staff tells me that the variety of food available will make sure that we don't starve.

We had a really good site visit. The staff at St. Christopher could not have been nicer or more accomodating. Many quilt groups have used this facility in the past and that makes it easier for 'One Loose Thread' to take a group there.

Our trip down to Seabrook was made even better with a stop at 'People Places & Quilts' and also at 'Sew and Sew' in Summerville. At the 'round about' between Kiawah and Seabrook is a very nice shopping area with several resturants, lovely shops, an awesome grocery store, and of course STARBUCKS.

I also feel that I need to point out that the trip from my house to Seabrook (without the 3 stops), would only take about 2 hours. My GPS did not 'see' I-526 so we went into Charleston. So, 2 hours from Columbia you can have a great retreat with some wonderful quilting friends in November 2011.

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