Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Design Wall

 This is what I had when I started my day today. These and my 4 hst border pieces that I have done since last Friday.

Well, I worked most of the day---slowly. Discovered that I had been straying off of my 1/4" mark, so had to be very careful constructing these border blocks. I don't find these to be as much fun as the big star was.

This is what I have this afternoon.
This picture shows the 10 red border blocks and the 4 sections of inner border for Helen's Lone Star.

I am now going to put everything into a project box and keep it out of sight for at least a week. I really need to get some work done on customer quilts. However, I may leave the scrap box out so that I can pull some blue, yellow , and green strips for more stars. Or, I could just leave the neutral box out and just work on those as I have time.  This has become an all consuming project. Sooooooo, I am going to hide it for a week.

First thing up tomorrow will be to put borders on Laura's top, find a backing for it that I like, put it on the frame and share some time with Olivia.

Will also start to cut out applique's for Ellen's applique panels.

After Laura, the next project on the frame will be either ________ or _____________. Not sure which. Need to work on Holly's and get pantograph done on Sandy's. That way I know that they will be ready before 'Summer Fun' Quilt Camp.  Just have to see how the week goes.

 I have to make a trip to Seabrook Island this week to do a site visit at St. Christopher. That will take a full day. I am sure that there will also be some Fabric Acquisition done on that trip. Friday will be the 1st grade play at Piper's school, so will need to take sometime and be there.

I really need to do better with time management. Oh Yes, and tomorrow is my 42nd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe.

Hope everyone has a good and safe week.

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Vicki said...

hummm I am liking the stars. Hollar if you stop in Oburg.