Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Laura's Quilt

 This is a commission quilt for Laura. The colored squares in the top are the bandanas that were given to some very special friends when they visited their groomer. There is so much feeling in this quilt. I know how much Laura loved these friends, so I wanted to make sure that this quilt was special for her.

The green inner border is from a colored paint chip that Laura brought with her when she came by for her consultation. There is also a peach that is used in the inner borders that she brought with her. The tan is a color that Laura wears alot. The outside border is a 'dog-bone' print that goes with the theme of the quilt.

I often ask clients to bring in paint chips of special colors that they might want in their quilts. They understand that I might not use all of them, but, that I will use them to make special selections of fabrics.

Then it was time to quilt the top and I had some decisions to make. I know how much Laura loves the ocean. She and Clyde spend weeks on the Outer Banks of North Carolina every year. Knowing that, I picked a shell pantograph to use for the quilting. The thread used is the same color as the tan in the quilt top. The binding is a dark brown, another of Laura's colors.  The backing is a mottled tan wideback.

So much fun to do. I love really getting into the history of a piece and trying to work special events/things into each commission piece that I do.

Thanks Laura for trusting me to do this for you.

Just wanted to share this with you,

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