Saturday, May 14, 2011

More from Helen's Lone Star

 This is where the lonestar stands at this point. However, there is one hst that is in the wrong place in the cream star in the middle (Can you find it?). For that reason I will need to 'un sew' one of the middle seams, take out the offending square, replace it and then stitch the seam back together. Thank you to Sue for pointing this out to me before the quilt was complete.

I spent all of my 'free time' this week constructing  a double border of half square triangles (no picture). That required 296 hst's. Now, this weekend I am devoting to the lonestar quilt and will go back to customer work on Monday.

This is a picture of what will be constructed this weekend. This is a 10" border block. The stars that will dance around this border will be all different colors, using more scaps.
The hst's in this block finish at 1 1/2 ", so I have to make many more. All of the rest of them in the quilt are 2" finished. I am using the 'Easy Angle' to make all of these hst's. It certainly makes this process easier.

OK, back to work. Mr. OLT is working in the yard to clear the debris from a tree that we had taken down yesterday. Now the garden can get full sun for most of the day. That should make for some really good vegetables.

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Frog Quilter said...

WOW. It's looking fabulous (as usual). Your creations are always stunning... :-)