Sunday, August 7, 2011

What a Week

We started our week with a birthday party last Sunday. My daughter turned 40. I am really not sure how that happened and I don't know where the time has gone, but she really is 40 years old. Rather nice young woman too. She is a practicing Dental Hygienist and a Mom to a wonderful little girl that will also be having a birthday soon.

Monday night was the Devine Guild Meeting. Our meeting did involve food, so I took a tomato pie. Not a crumb remained when it was time to go home. The food was fantastic as usual. Our program for the evening involved 3 demos. Kim and Geri did a great one on their applique techniques. Those 2 are doing some beautiful applique. Roada of course inspected it all.

Mary showed us how to piece and chop up a 9 patch and Lynn demonstrated how to inset circles. Good demos. Good meeting.

As usual Roada was welcomed by all who attended. She seems to draw a lot of attention.

Two clients picked up their projects this week and were pleased with the results. Somehow, I stayed busy and actually completed a top for another client. This is a Auburn quilt for the sister of a friend. He is a staunch Alabama fan, so, paying for this Auburn quilt will really hurt his feelings.

Mr. OLT also had a birthday this week. It was either Wed, Thurs, or Fri. we are not really sure which day. I think I know, but he says that he has legally changed the date so that it won't interfere with the President's celebration.

Friday was nail day and Roada went with me. You can read more about that later on her blog. I have not had time to load those pictures yet.

Saturday was spent trying to re-adjust the tension on Olivia. After months of perfect stitches, she stumped her toe and now her stitches look like __________  terrible. I also spent Sunday (today) doing the same thing. I put a practice piece on the frame and worked with her all day. One minute everything was wonderful the next minute it wasn't. I have an email into Pat and Richard for a 'house call'. They want me to bring Olivia to them and I just don't have time to do that with Summer Fun Quilt Camp coming up. Hopefully we can work out a time that Richard can come to Columbia. Anyone else need some service on their Gammill machine?? Maybe he could make a day of service calls around Columbia.

We are down to 10 days until Summer Fun 2. I really need to get started on everything that needs to be done for that. I will have to spend some time out in the shop taking inventory and making sure everything is in working order. There are somethings that I won't need to take this time since we will all be sewing in a new location (at least I think that we will). However, there are somethings that will have to be added for the same reason. I am really looking forward to the chance for all of us to be together in one room. It will be loads of fun. I will be at Gravatt on Wednesday to make sure that this is going to work and I'll post to the blog and facebook regarding the outcome.

OK, that's enough for now. Signing off and going nite nite.


Shakerwood said...

Boy, I wish I could go to retreat with you. But time and money always get in the way. How many will be at the retreat this time?

Joyce said...

I had to limit the number to 20, due to construction on a room that we usually use. The 'up' side to that is that I can increase the number by 12 for the Spring retreat in February 2012.