Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rippit, Rippit, Rippit

Remember this quilt?
Well, after looking at it for a few weeks and thinking about some of the problems that I had with it, I have decided to take all of the quilting out. Why? I'll show you.

These areas are numerous on the back of this quilt. There are other issues on the front where the stitches have skipped or broken. This has haunted me ever since I took this off of the frame. I have even stitched the binding on one side and half way stitched it down on the other. Well, this morning I decided that I just could not turn this over to a client in this condition. I am taking it all apart. That means removing the binding and all of the quilting. This will take hours and hours, but, when I put it back on the frame and the stitching is perfect I will feel much better.

So Sandy, you won't be getting this one next week. Sorry. I should have known it would bother me. However, when you do get it--------it will be perfect.

Just goes to show that you should go with you 'gut' feeling most of the time. I have wasted 2 weeks worrying about this and could have spent that time just taking it apart.

Back to the seam ripper.

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