Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quilt Finshed

Completed this little quilt for a client. She completed the top and decided that she need someone to quilt it for her, so I did it. For someone's first quilt I have to tell you that the seam allowance was perfect. The top was perfectly square. Working on this was fun.

Now, it's time to start getting everything ready for Summer Fun Quilt Camp. You can tell from the 'stuff' under the frame that it's time for camp. I am going to start by cutting 2 or 3 kits to take with me to work on. Once that is finished, I think that I will load a top on so that Olivia and I can stitch on that on Monday. In between doing that and having a birthday party here on Sunday afternoon I will start to go through and get everything together for camp. Oh yes, I did forget one thing. I will be watching GLEE in 3-D this afternoon. Piper tells me that I can't miss that!!


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