Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I always forget how much time it takes to get everything together for Quilt Camp. It does involve more than making a reservation. We have made 2 site visits to Gravatt within the last 2 weeks. Why? you ask. Especially since we have been going there for years. Well, this time we are sewing in a different location. All of the 'Frayed Knots' will be sewing in the Chapel.
As you may remember, we have not done that since the very first year of the Gravatt retreats. This is the space that we will be using. As usual I have rented nice 6 foot tables for our sewing pleasure. so, these round tables will not be anywhere to be seen.

We will also have 3 dedicated cutting stations with raised tables to make cutting much easier on the back.

There will be 5 ironing stations with full size ironing boards and irons for everyone to use. These will be all around the room for easy access to everyone.

You should notice all of the windows around the room to let in lots of natural light during the day. Night time light will be supplied by each camper bringing at least one or two lights for their use. One Loose Thread provides the electrical reels that will extend to each sewing area. Each camper will 'feed' off of that reel with their power strip for machine and lighting.

Several people are bringing portable design walls to share so designing will be made easier for everyone. So, with all of that taken care of I could turn to the rest of the preparation.

Oh yes------FOOD------Tammy and I have been in discussion about FOOD--as we all know, that is a very important component of any retreat. She assures me, that we will have everything that we love. So, bring your appetite and leave your diet at home. South Carolina grown vegetables and fruits are on the menu, along with chicken, fried of course and fish. Other wonderful tidbits to entice our taste buds are on the menu for the weekend.

Printing to be done: Name tags, medical forms, evaluation forms, photo releases, My list, the list of stuff for the business, agenda's for each day, and other things.

I spent the afternoon getting the stuff together for the 'Welcome gift'. I collect 'stuff' all the time for this little goodie. I have soooooo much fun doing this.

Then, we have to get ready for our special Saturday night dinner. You have seen pictures of that on the blog before. We have real table cloths, candles, wine and a special menu. I always have a theme for the weekend and it all comes together on our last night at camp.

So many little details to make our weekend memorable. This is a great time and I look forward to each and every event. Actually, I am already planning for November at the beach, our 10th anniversary in February and maybe, just maybe, a retreat in the spring, we'll see.

This group of women, 'The Frayed Knots', are so special to me that they make all of this mean so much. This event will welcome 3 new 'Frayed Knots' to the group. I love it when someone new comes to one of my retreats. They are made to feel so welcome by everyone that it only take a few hours for them to feel as though they really are one of the group. So, the group of 'Frayed Knots' is growing. For that I am very grateful. The old saying "The more the merrier", well, that is really true with this group.

Feel the need to sew, have some fun, and make some life-long friendships? Come join us. Being a 'Frayed Knot' is very special.

This will be my last post until sometime next week. Please stay well and safe.


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness - I want to join. I am in Rock Hill - where do you all meet??

Joyce said...

I sent you a personal reply to your email address. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.