Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is what I have to dodge while making the runs on the quilting. Lots of company, but, not much help. Jake doesn't move very well either, so getting him out of the way, well, lets just say it is easier to step over him.

The quilting has been completed on this quilt!!!! Yea!!! It only took me 10-14 hours total to complete it. I am sooooooo proud of this piece. It has turn out far better than I expected and I expected alot.

This is the back. Look at the definition with the quilting. I used 80/20 batting. There is more texture from the quilting than I expected. Just love it.

You really can't see the quilting from this picture, but it's there.

Now to decide what binding to put on. I think that I want a color---possibly the blue that was used in the nine patches. Or, maybe a pink for the little girl it is for. I don't believe that I will use the background fabric. Don't you think it needs the frame that the binding will provide?

Now to start Christmas shopping. No more quilting for the next few days.

Stay safe,


Frog Quilter said...

Lovely. I think it needs a color binding. A medium tone in whatever color you choose.

Vicki said...

I agree a color binding. looks great.

Gari said...

Oh, yes it will be perfect with a colored binding. When I had a white with color quilt I make a scrappy binding using the leftovers of all the colors and the white.

Tim said...

The baptist fan pattern looks lovely! I am doing one by hand and I think I may have bitten off more than I thought. :)
I think the color binding is a great idea for that quilt.
Kudos on your work from Pickens, SC!

Tim said...

Haha! I just saw that my comment will say it's from "Tim"....that's my DH. I messed up signing in with my AOL(AIM) name, and used his google one to get it done.
Oh well, I still love your quilt, and the baptist fans!! :)

Joyce said...

I am using a Rosey Pink for the binding. I'll post a picture when it is on.