Sunday, December 19, 2010

Think Spring and Knight Bee

My Fabric Choices for 'Think Spring' Mystery
These are my fabrics. I am running some of the testing for Beth. This is going together so easily. Just as you would expect with a 'Beth Karr' design. I really believe everyone will like this one.

Cast of Characters
 Friends from Greater Columbia's Knight Bee gathered for our annual Christmas Supper. This year we went to Travinia's for the second year in a row. I think that this may become an annual tradition. Not to mention that the food was fantastic.

Some of my very best friends
We are working on participation in the 'Greater Columbia' UFO challenge for 2011. That reminds me, I need to get my list together. Wonder how many I can finish?
Kitchen Help
This is what I deal with when I try to cook. I have major testors in the floor. Try walking around without breaking your neck. They don't stay in one place, so you might turn around and not expect them to be there-------but-----they are.
Sure do love them both. All of those carpet strips are down so that Jake can get up and down. Otherwise he slides and can't get up. It doesn't look pretty but it does serve its purpose.

Did some Christmas shopping this weekend. Spent some time with the children and grandchildren. Did some sewing. Put a customer top on the frame and should have it finished by tonight. It is really looking good.

Tomorrow starts my next to the last week of work. The closer Dec.30th gets, the more excited I become. I am really glad that I made this decision. Some other offices have contacted me about working now and then, so I will be setting that up. I have a pretty good list of quilts to work with in January and February--always room for more. Plans for Spring Quilt Camp will take some time too. I will be taking Piper to Trenholm tomorrow since the schools are closed for the Holidays then on to the office.

Hope you all have a great week. Can you believe that Christmas is next Saturday?


Linda Vandiver said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! We did have fun and look forward to many, many more outings with Knight Bee - such great friends! I start the real shopping today - just a little behind.

Vicki said...

I have the same kind of kitchen help, ecpt in a smaller version.
Merry Christmas, Vicki