Saturday, December 11, 2010

Magic !!

This has been a magical day. First this elf Mr. OLT put new wheels on Olivia. I have felt that she was not moving properly since the beginning. These are the new EZ Glide Wheels that are available from Lakeside Quilt Company  . The instructions for installation were good, but, we did run into some problems that were solved by contacting people on the Gammill Yahoo group. These wheels are sooooooo sweeeeeeet. I can't believe the difference in the movement of the machine. I loved her before, but, I love her more now.

Then, would you believe!!!! Mr. OLT is decorating the Christmas Tree. He has not done this in at least 15 years!!!!!!! Has anyone seen my husband? If so, tell him not to come home, I like this guy better.  Mr. OLT has really out done himself today.
Now, if I could just get him to finish this project. He has left the tree with lights on only half of it and the lights are dangling down on the floor. He did not realize that he was going to have to 'shape' the tree as he placed the lights.  This is the small tree that I will leave 'put together' for the next several years. I only put up a large tree every 4 years and this is not that time.

I have a new top on 'Olivia' right now and I am putting a cute pantograph on it. I Love Olivia!!!! she is a very hard working girl.

Maybe more tomorrrow.

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