Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Double Nine Patches

I never figured that longarm quilting could be so difficult. Olivia has been performing beautifully. It's the operator that seems to be have the problems. Things have gotten better as the day has gone by. I had this quilt on the frame before 10:00 this morning.

I have worked on it all afternoon--welllllll, maybe not alllll afternoon. I did take a 2 hour nap---I am on vacation, after all.
Back to the quilt story: I have made 3 passes over this top and that is across the short side of the quilt. This is a totally new 'thing' for me, working with these templates. The glare on the templates has been so bad at times that I would cut off the overhead lighting in the studio.
One good thing though is that I have only had to take out 3 lines of stitching. On the first row there are some wiggles in the stitching lines. I will decide later if I want to take these out or leave as 'human error'. Hope these pictures show some of the quilting. I really love the way the quilting is affecting the surface of the quilt. The Baptist Fan pattern really works with this pattern. I am using 80-20 batting and Permacore thread. The backing is a white on cream wideback. One stitch at the time and I will be finished before you know it.

I got my delivery of hardware for my slat wall so will be reorganizing my thread later tonight. I will have to unplug Olivia due to severe weather in the area. Tornado watches are on for tonight.
Isn't it interesting how you can watch the weather radar and see the edge of the incoming weather front? I think it's cool---and can really be kind of scary  too.

Stay safe and keep your head down. More tomorrow.


Vicki said...

love it. but you need the BF board from Circle Lord. I have it and love it. sooo much easier than templates.

Frog Quilter said...

Those wiggles are creative quilting! Remember it's not the indiidual stitches but the overall effect on the quilt. AND we are not perfect.... LOOKS GREAT!!!

Joyce said...

This is definitely NOT computerized longarm quilting. Still have about 4-5 hours to go before finished.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love that quilt..... I so want to do one just like it. I too love Baptist fans on scrappy quilts... Really pretty.

Joyce said...

Thanks to everyone for their kind words.
Colleen, just start making nine patches---these finished 3"--- before you know it, you will have a million. If I was going to do this for myself--I would work on them when I had some 'down' time.(now, when would that be?)