Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organization, what a Pain

Why is it that in order to clean up and organize you have to make a monster mess?

I put in a new file cabinet today so lots of 'stuff' had to be relocated for a short period of time.

I sure hope that I can soon have my desk cleaned off and everything in its proper place.

Right now I can't even use my sewing machine!!

Mr. OLT also hung a piece of 'slat' wall for me so that I can reorganize my thread. Man!! was this stuff heavy!! Now all I have to do is pick up the hardware for the wall and 're-hang' my thread. Can't get the hardware until the end of next week so the thread will have to stay all bagged up until then.

Hopefully I can get everything cleaned up tomorrow and then get back to my Double Nine Patch project.

The quilt that Olivia is holding is one I have done for Christmas. I finished quilting it yesterday. I had a good 18" of batting and backing at the bottom. Due to that, I have stitched a length of muslin over the end and will use it over the next week for some freemotion practice. I sectioned off the length so that I would have some defined area to work in. I will put the Pajama Quilter in the DVD player and stitch along with her.

I attended a terrific football game today. My Grandson Austin played in his first game and did a great job. I hope he had as much fun playing as I did watching. Good Job Austin!!!!

Time to start thawing out the Turkey.

Have a good weekend.


Frog Quilter said...

Great minds think alike. You should have seen my mess...........

Vicki said...

I need the cabinets and space. LOL come do mine next. PLEASE!!!!