Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Jane 40-1-0-635

This first block is F-5 Parcheesi.
I really believe that this has been the
most challenging block yet. I used the
applique method and only machine stitched
the corners on.

This second block is K-11 Columbine. It was a fun block to do and YES the star points are suppose to look this way. This block is entirely paper pieced.

I can't decide whether or not to do extra blocks this weekend. We will just have to see how the weekend goes. I think that soon it will be time to do a Kite.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool Can Sam !!!!!!!!!! Great Legs!!!!!!!!!!

Look who's here!!!!!!!!! It's 'Cool Can Sam'!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Harvest Hope Food Bank in South Carolina!!!!

Now who might this be playing 'Cool Can Sam'? It's a secrete, but if you happen to see 'Cool Can Sam', be sure to wave and tell him/her that you have seen her/him at One Loose Thread!!!!

Also, don't forget to make a donation to Harvest Hope while you are waving and talking to 'Cool Can Sam'.

I'll be working on my assigned Baby Jane blocks this weekend (F-5 and K-11) and trying to finish the first Christmas top for one of the Grandchildren.

I have also started on a miniature and hope to get another block finished for that. Each block has 81 pieces in it and so far I have only 2 blocks finished. Each block takes me about 3 hours to complete. Who said that miniatures take less time to make that full size bed quilts? Certainly not me. But, more on that much later.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Many Thanks

This is what the sacrifice is for. If you ever wanted to know why the young men and women of this country give their lives so that we might be free, just look at this picture. Could you imagine three cousins having a carefree afternoon at their aunt's pool if this country did not have the freedoms that we have?

I have many friends that have given of their time, talents, and their lives to defend this country. I cannot begin to tell them how much that means to me.

Dick and I went to Lowe's this weekend and while checking out I was asked if Dick was a Veteran. My reply was: He is not a retiree, but, he did serve and is a Veteran with an honorable discharge. It's interesting, Dick does not really consider himself to be a Veteran, but he is. Six years active duty during Viet Nam, makes him a Veteran.

To everyone who has served our country (including my Mother in the Army Nurse Corp) I send my sincere thanks. Without your sacrifice of time and possibly your life we would not enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Yes, we have $4.00 per gallon gas, but, I also have the freedom to work at a profession that I love, worship a God that I love, read what ever I want, say whatever I think and feel, and write in this blog without retribution or fear for my life.

Happy Memorial Day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Soooooooooooo Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the 2 assigned blocks for this week. Anina said that these would probably be the last easy ones for a while. She is doing a random draw for the blocks and triangles. I like that.

This first one in the black and white is H-1, Peek-a-boo. The block itself was easy to do however, I forgot to mirror the block when I printed it, so, I have my own original coloration. Love this new fabric though.

This second block is I-8 Peete's Paintbox. It is done in purple and I think that it really look cute. Lot's of pieces in this block 25 in fact.

I have been trying to figure out how to keep track of blocks, pieces, etc. I knew that I could find a spreadsheet somewhere on the internet, and I did. is a great resource and I was able to download a perfect Excel spreadsheet from the site. I now know that my Dear Jane Signature as of this date is:


The first number signifies blocks, the second is triangle, the third would be kites(corners) and the last is number of pieces.

I'm really amazed at how far I have come with this project since I only started it in March of this year. I have decided that I will do one of the corners when I hit the 85 block/triangle number. My theory on this is that with the total block and triangles I would be doing Kites at the 1/4, 1/2,3/4 and finish points. Is that right? Oh well, it's close enough.

I have also done 2 additional blocks and here they are:
J-4 Adelaine's Apron Strings

This block is J-2 Picture Perfect

These additional blocks really do bring my numbers up to: 38-1-0-600

Imagine!!!!!!!!!! 600 Pieces

I'm Soooooooooooooooooooo Excited.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

How is this for a serious look? I was priviledged to have lunch with this young lady and her mother on Friday. We were getting ready for a bridal shower for one of my nieces ( is that how you spell it?) that we had on Saturday. She was a very good helper too.

This is both of my Granddaughters as they were having a blast while we were having a Mother's Day supper.

This isn't a very good picture of my Grandson. It is really hard to catch him unaware of the camera. Such a ham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that boy.

This is the rest of our group: my son Dusty, daughter Victoria, husband Dick, and daughter-in-law Sherry.

Now for the Baby Jane blocks:

I'm not real happy with the results with the B-11 block, but, I think that it will have to stay the way it is. What is the saying about a galloping horse?

However, I do love my first triangle. BR1 is Rosemary's Rainbow and I do love the red.

So, that's it for this weekend. I have spent today on a top for Alexis for Christmas. I know that when Sherry reads this she will be dying to know which one it is. Hard as I try, I can't keep the secrets from anybody.
I hope everyone is safe and well.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Baby Jane before Mother's Day

B-9 Tinker Toy. If you try this block then use Anina's method of piecing it. Her instructions make it really easy. I don't think that I will fear set in corners every again.

This is B-10 Jud's Trophy. I pieced this with the combination of paper piecing and regular rotary cutting.

I am very pleased with both blocks and will be ready for the next two. I read some material on the B-11 block, so, can't wait to see what Ainia comes up with for doing this one.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's day.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Jane Up to Date

I am now up to date --- I think. These are the blocks that I have worked on this weekend:
This one is K-7 Rose of Sharing. This one was assigned some weeks ago, but I missed it.

This one is B-5 Hot Cross Buns. Where did Jane ever come up with these names? Don't you know that she had a vivid imagination?

This is B-7 World Series. Was there a World Series for Baseball during Jane's life? The way that Anina suggested that we do this block was genius!! She made it so simple, even though it looks extremely complicated.

This is B-8 Waterlily. There is one point that does not quite have a 1/4 inch seam allowance, so will have to be careful when putting on the sashing.
I think that I will spend the rest of the weekend cleaning the studio. I have not cleaned in here since before Spring Quilt Camp in February so it REALLY needs it. I have taken some "before" pictures that I'll post later after I clean up and take the "after" pictures.

Dick, my husband, was in the hospital Thurs and Friday following a heart cath. They had to put in a stent so he had to stay over night on Thursday. He is home and doing fine, but, he has to be really lazy for a few days. I don't think that he minds that though. Dick's favorite TV channel is the Golf Channel, so between that and the Kentucky Derby today, he is a happy camper.

That's it for this weekend. See you later next week,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Up Date on Baby Jane

I was in Myrtle Beach last weekend for the South Carolina Dental meeting, but, I did manage to get a few blocks done: This is B-6 Wild Goose Chase, rather challenging, but completed.

The next one that I finished while at the beach was B-12 Star Flower:

Another that was extra would be M-12 Hopscotch:

I also finished M-5 Mother's Point:

Then there was L-5 Chattanooga Charlie:

How about I-2 Kaye's Courtyard:

I really did attend the meetings and the seminars. It was a "fun" meeting and I really enjoyed seeing people that I had not seen in a year or more. Our Dental Hygiene lunceon was wonderful. My evenings were nice in that I was in a position to stitch for a few hours. We did all the shopping and eating that we wanted to do and by Sunday morning we were ready to head home.
Now, I actually am 4 blocks behind. I discovered that I missed completing a block that was assigned sometime ago. I will spend this weekend catching up. Now, back to work.

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.