Monday, May 26, 2008

Many Thanks

This is what the sacrifice is for. If you ever wanted to know why the young men and women of this country give their lives so that we might be free, just look at this picture. Could you imagine three cousins having a carefree afternoon at their aunt's pool if this country did not have the freedoms that we have?

I have many friends that have given of their time, talents, and their lives to defend this country. I cannot begin to tell them how much that means to me.

Dick and I went to Lowe's this weekend and while checking out I was asked if Dick was a Veteran. My reply was: He is not a retiree, but, he did serve and is a Veteran with an honorable discharge. It's interesting, Dick does not really consider himself to be a Veteran, but he is. Six years active duty during Viet Nam, makes him a Veteran.

To everyone who has served our country (including my Mother in the Army Nurse Corp) I send my sincere thanks. Without your sacrifice of time and possibly your life we would not enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Yes, we have $4.00 per gallon gas, but, I also have the freedom to work at a profession that I love, worship a God that I love, read what ever I want, say whatever I think and feel, and write in this blog without retribution or fear for my life.

Happy Memorial Day.

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