Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Jane Up to Date

I am now up to date --- I think. These are the blocks that I have worked on this weekend:
This one is K-7 Rose of Sharing. This one was assigned some weeks ago, but I missed it.

This one is B-5 Hot Cross Buns. Where did Jane ever come up with these names? Don't you know that she had a vivid imagination?

This is B-7 World Series. Was there a World Series for Baseball during Jane's life? The way that Anina suggested that we do this block was genius!! She made it so simple, even though it looks extremely complicated.

This is B-8 Waterlily. There is one point that does not quite have a 1/4 inch seam allowance, so will have to be careful when putting on the sashing.
I think that I will spend the rest of the weekend cleaning the studio. I have not cleaned in here since before Spring Quilt Camp in February so it REALLY needs it. I have taken some "before" pictures that I'll post later after I clean up and take the "after" pictures.

Dick, my husband, was in the hospital Thurs and Friday following a heart cath. They had to put in a stent so he had to stay over night on Thursday. He is home and doing fine, but, he has to be really lazy for a few days. I don't think that he minds that though. Dick's favorite TV channel is the Golf Channel, so between that and the Kentucky Derby today, he is a happy camper.

That's it for this weekend. See you later next week,


Anina said...

Lovely blocks! I hope your hubby is doing well.

Jen said...

Your blocks look great.

Glad to hear your husband is doing well!

Judy Heyward said...

Well, Joyce, I'm certainly impressed by all these blocks you've put together. So precise and beautiful.