Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool Can Sam !!!!!!!!!! Great Legs!!!!!!!!!!

Look who's here!!!!!!!!! It's 'Cool Can Sam'!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Harvest Hope Food Bank in South Carolina!!!!

Now who might this be playing 'Cool Can Sam'? It's a secrete, but if you happen to see 'Cool Can Sam', be sure to wave and tell him/her that you have seen her/him at One Loose Thread!!!!

Also, don't forget to make a donation to Harvest Hope while you are waving and talking to 'Cool Can Sam'.

I'll be working on my assigned Baby Jane blocks this weekend (F-5 and K-11) and trying to finish the first Christmas top for one of the Grandchildren.

I have also started on a miniature and hope to get another block finished for that. Each block has 81 pieces in it and so far I have only 2 blocks finished. Each block takes me about 3 hours to complete. Who said that miniatures take less time to make that full size bed quilts? Certainly not me. But, more on that much later.

Have a great weekend.

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