Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Hurrieder I Go; The Behinder I get

I am actually posting things that happened last weekend. I am now 3 blocks behind on my Baby Jane, but hope to catch up next weekend.

Tori has been over here helping Dick clean up our back yard. We actually have not done any work in this yard for several years, so they have a lot to do. I know that Dusty has to be glad that his sister is in one of her "hyper" moods as this has certainly taken alot of stress off of him. Dusty helps us with construction and has been a life saver many times with the construction of the porch, the shed, the studio. We probably would still be working on the shed if it were not for his help.

While Tori has been working with Dick, I have had a really good helper in the studio.

I don't think there is a Grandmother, among quilters, out there that can turn down the request: "Grandmommie, can I sew?" I certainly couldn't, so Piper spent a few minutes at the machine on my lap so that she could sew a seam or two. I was also working on a Baby Jane Block, K-8 Springbrook Park, and Piper helped with several seams in the block. Everytime that I finish a block I use my Pigma pen and write on the back : my name, the number of the block, and the date it was done. On this block I also added Piper's name. Now, how special is that?

This is the block that we did. I really hope to catch up next weekend, even though we have a very special wedding on Saturday night.

If I don't catch up by then, oh well, I WILL BE ON VACATION!!!!
I can't decide what to do. I know that a trip to Mary Jo's in on the list. I need to pick up some 30's repros for my Baby Jane. I would like to do some type of shop hop through southwestern North Carolina and the upper part of South Carolina. I am also interested in looking at some possible retreat sites for Just Stitchin'. So, if you know of any interesting shops or possible retreat sites, let me know. Pat will be with me and we are pretty much open to any ideas.

Tomorrow is a Guild Workshop for Devine Quilters. We will be working on some "Love" Quilts. I hope to have some pictures for you later in the week.

Have a great weekend.

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