Friday, June 6, 2008

IT IS SO HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that it is this hot this early in the summer. Here in South Carolina we are already having 100 degree days, which does not usually happen until mid to late August. Now they (the weather folks) are telling us that we will have these temperatures for 4 to 7 days! Thank goodness for air conditioning.
We have a wedding coming up in the family 3 weeks from tomorrow and I don't really have a dress to wear. I decided last night to spend today looking for one, however, I will now stay in my cool studio and work on Baby Jane. I also need to make a dress for one of the flower girls, so, that will be on my to-do list this weekend.

Can't have a post without having a picture, so let me go look for one:

This is a quilt that I gave Piper for Christmas last year. It is so colorful and she loves it. It was designed using a Debbie Caffrey pattern "Good Night Sweetheart". If you ever need a fantastically easy pattern for a striking top, this is the one. So much fun to make and so easy too.
This is one of "The Boys". This Black Lab, with the tongue that never fits his mouth, is Rocky. Rocky is 9 months old and is now 70+ pounds. He is really convinced that he is a "lap" dog and tries to sit in my chair with me, which doesn't leave me a lot of room.

This is my "Big Boy" Jake. I call him my big boy because he was first. Jake is around 14 years old and the VERY BEST DOG I HAVE EVER had the pleasure to have in my home. He is a rescue and he is part Lab and part Shephard.

Love these boys.

I also have a long haired calico cat, Patches. I'll let you know more about her later. Now I think that I will go sew.

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