Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just the Best

What a great weekend I have had.

Friday was my birthday, so I went to lunch with Tori and Piper. Saturday night we had supper with Dusty, Sherry, Austin and Alexis. Also in attendance was Pat, Danny and our bride Kristy. Dusty made the Best burgers (almost as good as mine). Today, being Father's Day, Tori came over and gave Dick and I a wonderful gift. She spent the day working in the yard with her Daddy. They have cleaned out a lot of "stuff" that has grown up in my flower beds in the past several years. So, now I know who to call for yard work. I call Dusty for construction--he has been doing a lot of that lately with the porch and deck.

Piper spent the day in the studio with me--- pictures later. Austin and Alexis came over long enough for me to check on the dress that I am making for Alexis. I just have to find enough fabric for Austin to have a tie for the wedding. I am looking for a fairy frost called Petal. It is a hot pink with silver metallic in it. I need 5/8ths of a yard to make him a tie. He has told me that I can make him a bow tie, so if I don't find enough, then I can use scraps from the dresses for his bow tie.

I did manage to finish one of my Baby Jane blocks (K-8). I have pictures, but will have to wait to post them.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week. I have applique group on Tuesday and Design group on Thursday, so it will be a busy week. I will post pictures of the weekend later.

For now here is a special photo:

This is the daylilly garden in the front of the office where I work. The dentist that I work for works very hard on this garden and it is currently at it's peak. I hope that you can see enough of it to enjoy the true beauty.

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