Saturday, January 5, 2019

A day in the Life of a Longarm Quilter

OK, so this was day 2 of stitch in the ditch. Day 1 was totally unsuccessful and nothing was accomplished. I had thread breaks, skipped stitches and nothing but frustration.
Well, I spent 36 hours reading, studying, dreaming and problem solving with my brain and a few hundred longarm quilters. I figured there were several problems.

First: This is not the way that I loaded the top. I had originally loaded it where it rolled on the inside bar. That caused tension when I moved Penelope. The quilt rolled too 'fat' and caused some drag. So, when I started this morning I unzipped it and rolled it on the outside roller. That really helped alot.

Second: I really loosened the quilt sandwich. Not so sure it was to tight, but, that couldn't hurt.
Third: I cranked the tension back down on the primary tension disks. Then I really loosened the tension at the intermediate tensioner.
Started stitching and would you believe.................It's perfect........well, almost. I am still seeing some of the dark gray bobbin thread pull close to the top of the quilt, but, not so much that I'm concerned.
Long story short...........I quilted for over 6 hours with 1.............I repeat ....1 thread break. And, I went back to using Superior Monopoly on top.............It has been a glorious day!! PLUS the sun was shining outside!!!
I did not get to the half way point, but, things are moving faster, so hopefully tomorrow I can finish this part.
That's it for tonight...........I'm off to try out my new Air Fryer. We'll see how that goes. Now that things are moving along, I know I'll sleep better. So, until tomorrow!!!

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