Monday, May 14, 2012

Confessions of a Fabric Hoarder

Yes, I think that I can officially be called a 'Fabric Hoarder'. I have spent the day folding fabric that I have purchased over the past month or so.
 There was this stack on the ironing board.


There was another stack that was on top of my sewing cabinet. Couldn't piece anything since this was in the way.

So, I have wasted most of this day folding all of this so that I can put it on it's respective color shelf.

See the shelves? After I put up what I could according to color, all of the fabric that you see on the longarm table was still left. I just had to stuff it in where I could get it.

Hoarding fabric? Yep, I really believe that is what I am doing. See the shelving unit on the left of this picture? The two shelves in the middle with the cream/brown/orange/blacks and grays have fabric stacked 2 deep. I haven't seen what is on the back row for at least 6 months. I have also started doing a lot of scrap quilts and for those I use chopped up fat quarters from here:
These are my 'fat quarter' boxes. Started them years ago and sorted by color, holiday, etc. They are packed. No more room there, that is why so many are stacked on the top.

Then there are the bolts of regular fabric and a few of the wide backs that I keep for customer quilts:

Then there are the other bolts of college fabrics and wide backs that I keep under the dining room table in the red wagon:
There is also fabric in all of these project boxes that are 'neatly' stacked on this shelving unit.

One box contains my Baltimore blocks that I have not touched in 5 years. Then there are the Dear Jane blocks that have not seen daylight in 2 years. Of course there are the Block of the Months that I have not even opened. MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, just when I thought I had confessed to all............................. I spotted this stack on a chair in the corner of the dining room:

Woe is Me. I will NEVER use all of this fabric, but, I just have such a hard time giving it away. I have given bolts and large numbers of yardage to the various guilds that I belong to, but, I still have more that I should have. I am not saying that I feel guilty about my stash, but, if I were to die tomorrow, what a mess this would be. What can I say, I just LOVE fabric!!

Soooooooooooo if all of this makes me a 'Fabric Hoarder', so be it.

Do you hoard fabric? Fun isn't it?


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P. Bartholomew said...

You made me laugh and feel so much better after seeing all of your fabric. I have been working on "organizing" my fabric and was feeling very guilty until I saw yours. I also love fabric but I have three shopping bags of fabic ready to share at tomorrow's guild meeting. Keep collecting...I plan to do so also. Thanks for sharing.

Frog Quilter said...

I volunteer to lighten your load of fabric LOL. see you Saturday...

jude's page said...

Joyce, I have been recently chosen to nominate 5 people for the Liebster Award. The Liebster award recognizes smaller blogs with a following of less than 200 followers. I enjoy reading your blog so I would like to nominate you! Congratulations

Joyce said...

Thank you very much. I am glad that you enjoy my blog pages.