Monday, April 25, 2011

The Saga Continues

Remember when I told you about Helen's idea that we make Lone Stars using half square triangles? That was when I started with this rendering on EQ5 so that I could tell where the particular colors went. So, that was about 10 days ago.
This is what I have up to this point. Inside the half square for the stars are all half square triangles. No need to make this easy. Might as well make it scrappy. I haven't added up the total number of half squares yet. The background of the star is also done in half square triangles--just larger and not pieced.
I think that I like the background like this. The other options would be to make it in : 1) solid squares 2) half square triangles in a 4 patch that finish 3", sorta like this idea, instead of the 6" that they finish now, 3) like I have it with 6" finished half squares, 4) or totally piece all of the big triangles just like I did the interior of the star. (I am not beyond doing that, but, I think that it would be a bit much)
This is actually turning into a fun project. However, I have only been making the units, not actually sewing this monster together. As I work on it I am thinking on doing that in quadrants. Also there lies the possibility of some machine applique in the background areas. Helen has suggested some large star flowers and lots of vine all around the star. I am not so sure about that. It has also been suggested that I wait until I get to that point and see what the quilt has to say about that.

Easter was beautiful. Good food, Grandchildren, some sewing, beautiful weather. It just doesn't get any better.
Have a good week. I have some bookwork to do then on to other things.

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Frog Quilter said...

Wow. I like it...

Shakerwood said...

I can do half-square triangles .....