Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off To Work I Go.........

Just peek under the cutting table and you can see the 'Studio' Cat. Patches is up set with me because of the box that is currently in 'her' chair.

Can you look at these pictures and tell what I have been up to?

This was the pile that was left over. I did not cut all of the shirts that were given to me. This quilt is for a very tall man, so want to make sure that he can cover his toes.

What do you do with the cut off pieces of t-shirts?

OK, back to work. The star is marinating right now so that I can catch up with some 'stuff'. Knight Bee is to be here tomorrow night, so have been doing some cleaning also. I will have to get the star off of the design wall in order to work on this t-shirt quilt so I may have to  work on both of them at the same time.

Let's Go To The Beach!!!!


Shakerwood said...

Do we win a prize if we guess what you were doing? I think it was cleaning.....oh, wait, that's what I am supposed to be doing!!

Vicki said...

t-shirt quilt. just pieced one this week. now got to quilt it.