Friday, April 8, 2011

Borders, Borders, and Borders

 Ok, Lets talk about this border. The interior of the quilt was done on foundation. You would think that it would be a simple matter to just 'slap' on the borders. It doesn't look like it. There was only 2 inches of difference in the borders in total, but, look what that 2 inches did to this top.

Now, look at the next picture.
Look at how flat this border is. True, it is a more narrow border, but, I will tell you that this is the most square quilt that I have ever quilted---my own included. There is not one 'wave' in this top.

So....... The moral of this story is:

Measure, Measure, Measure:    Take 3 measurements across your quilt top when adding borders. Find the average measurement and use that number to cut your borders. You will find that your quilt lies flatter and is more square than ever before.
This also makes it easier for your longarm quilter to add her beautiful work to your top.

OK, off of my soap box for now.


Vicki said...

I preach the border lesson all the time. Whacha going to do with it?? fix it??

Joyce said...

I talked to the client. We decided that I would fix it. Took the borders off, measured, put them back on. The quilt came off the frame totally flat. Looked great.