Thursday, September 30, 2010


Pieceable retreat---------here we come!!!!!!!!!!

Fall retreat with the Quilters of South Carolina starts tomorrow at 11:00. This will be a great weekend.

Pat and I first have to help set up the 'Fiber Art' for Harvest Hope Foodbank's :
I understand that there are 6-8 pieces and Pat and I are charged with displaying them to their best advantage. I have borrowed racks from everyone. I have purchased black curtains to show the pieces to their best advantage. I just hope Pat and I can pull this off early and hit the road for Winnsboro in time for lunch. At the same time I certainly hope that Harvest Hope can get a bundle of $'s for all of the work. Since I can't be there, Mr. One Loose Thread will be attending. Now all I have to worry about is that he doesn't exceed the budget during the bidding. If there is one thing he really loves, it is an auction of any kind.

Oh yes, feel free to log onto the Harvest Hope website and make a contribution.

Have a great weekend. Hope to have lots of pictures by the end of the weekend.

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