Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On My Soap Box-Can You Hear Me Now ?

A number of people have told me that they cannot find the rules for entry into the SC State Fair that address a possible conflict when entering a quilt into the "Fancy Work" division. This is #17 rule on the first page of the Home and Craft Department's web pages.

"# 17.Professional vs. Amateur Defined - A Professional Exhibitor is defined as anyone who has earned more than $1,000 during a calendar year either by selling their items, teaching the subject, doing extended exhibiting, or involving themselves in other professionally related activities in a capacity that would give the entrant unfair advantage over a hobbyist. Unless otherwise designated as a Professional section, all classes should be entered by Amateurs." This has been copied directly from the State Fair Web page.

I point this out because of the confusion that occurs when we enter these forums and we shouldn't. When evaluating our status whether it be amateur or Professional many of us stop with the $1000.00 figure and ask if it is gross or net. This does not matter as other aspects of the rule come into play. Have you been selling, teaching or exhibiting? Do you quilt professionally? Do you teach in a quilt shop? Do you work in a quilt shop?
Unfortunately, the SC State Fair does not have a professional division for Quilters. This is really very sad as we have MANY talented quilters that fall into the professional catagory whether they want to admit it or not. If you want to enter this event, you must enter into the 'Fine Arts' division which has not a clue about our fiber art and how quilting is featured in that part of the world.
There is also not a catagory for the 'Professional/Longarm' Quilter. If your customer enters a quilt that you have quilted for her/him then it must be entered into the 'Group' catagory. For her/him to enter it otherwise is not to be allowed. What a shame as this state has so many gifted professional longarm quilters and we have no place to show off our talents.
OK. I am now stepping down from my 'Soap Box'. I get into this mode every year around this time. One of these days I won't feel that it is necessary to remind people to READ THE RULES OF ENTRY!!!

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