Sunday, July 4, 2010


What a great weekend. I spent plenty of time in the studio and quilted these two quilts.

Beth Karr pieced both of them and now they are quilted.
This first one I have titled Country Snowmen and I quilted it with a pantograph.

This second one I have titled Summer Picnic. This was also pieced by Beth Karr. This is the first custom quilting that I have done on any piece. I had loads of fun and learned an so many different things on this quilt.

Friday night we went to a Columbia Blowfish baseball game. It was a perfect night for baseball and fireworks. We all had a blast.
Saturday night the children cooked supper at daughters house. Sure was nice to just sit back and chill out.
Today we spent the afternoon with Clay and Laura. The pool felt wonderful and the weather was picture perfect. We had the ribs and watermelon that are absolutely necessary for the 4th of July.

Dick picked this basket of vegetables out of our little garden this morning. This is the first time we have had corn. We did take some to Clay and Laura's to cook on the grill. That was WONDERFUL!!

I am like Lee Greenwood:

that is what allows me to do the things that I do.

Have a good week.

P.S. I have just spent an hour trying to get blogger to post this in the format that I want it. However, blogger is going to post it in the format that it wants to----so-----if it looks wonky, it's blogger's fault.

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