Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garden Surprises

This is a little cantaloupe on the fence from our corn patch into the neighbor's yard. We must have at least a dozen on each side of the fence. The ones in our yard are on the temporary fence around the corn patch..

This is the little watermelon that has grown through the fence into neighbor's yard. Alice and Charles set it on this little table since it is growing on a fence and is at least 2 feet off of the ground.
When we planted all of this we hoped for a few vegetables and maybe one watermelon and cantaloupe. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe we would be this lucky.
AMAZING !!!!!!


Shakerwood said...

We have a gazillion blooms and ONE canteloupe. Told Dear Hubby it costs us $3.00 for the plants to grow a $2.00 'loupe! LOL

Joyce said...

The problem is--all of this is growing on the fencing around the 'corn patch'. Everything is off of the ground. Mr.Loose Thread seems to think that we will have to lay the temporary fence on the ground. If we do that then the 100lb. Labrador Retriever can romp between the corn stalks and all over the canteloupes and watermelons. What's a mother to do?