Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Report for 2010

I have been asked to post pictures of my garden. This is the area that has been reclaimed. It was previously a 'dog pen' about 10-14 years ago. It has not seen a dog in a long time. In this area I have planted 8 varieties of tomatoes, 3 varieties of beans/peas, 2 varieties of squash, 2 varities of eggplant, some onions ( that did not do well) and okra.

The small trough in the picture is the herb garden. My goodness, I have had to prune, prune, and prune. The herbs love this set up.

The large trough is where I planted 2 grape tomato plants, spinich, lettuce, and garlic. The tomato plants are on the end. Look at how they grew up, and I could not support them so they are now growing toward the ground. They are so full of tomatoes that I can't keep up with the picking.
The lettuce that I planted was a bright green 'soft' variety. I was still getting great lettuce until the first of this week when the temps hit 100 degrees. Time to dig that up. I am leaving the spinich just to see what it does and the garlic can now have the whole end of the trough.

I will add pictures of the 'corn patch' within a few days. It looks like we will get a really good crop of corn.

Planted under the corn is watermelon and cantalope so we will just have to wait and see how they do.
We are really having a great time with the gardens. The okra has started producing. The pink eyed peas are doing well. The tomatoes are doing well. The squash and the beans are just about finished, but, the eggplant are doing fine.

Time to start thinking about a 'Fall Garden'. Since we have never planted a 'real' garden before I will have to do research on the 'Fall Garden' part.

Didn't do much sewing over the weekend. Hope to make up for that this week.
Have a good week,

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Judy Heyward said...

What a beautiful garden, Joyce, and a real example of just how much can be done in a smaller space.