Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parker Update

This is the copy of the email that I received from Parker's Mom and Dad. In addition, his surgery has been scheduled for Monday, June 7, 2010 at 8:30 AM EDT. Please take a minute out of your morning and pray for Parker, his very capable surgeon Dr. Smith, Parker's parents and his family. The awesome power of prayer can be felt whenever it is applied.

"We had Parker's MRI was Monday and we received our results today. We did not get great news (we were hoping that he just had a big head) but he will be having surgery on Monday June 7, 2010. He has hydrocephalous which means that one of the 4 valves that are located in the middle of his brain is not draining properly and causing a back up of spinal fluid. Dr. Smith will be going in and placing a shunt in that valve to allow the spinal fluid to drain into his abdomen by the tube that he will place on the shunt and runs to his abdomen. The procedure will take about 3 hours and he will have to spend a minimum of 2 days in the hospital. This is not something that he will grow out of and as the shunt fails we will have to have it replaced. It is encouraging to Jay and I that this is treatable and Parker will live a normal life. If you have any questions please let us know. As soon as we find out what time the surgery will be we will pass it along.

Please keep the prayers coming

Jay & Kristy "

Thank you for your help,

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Larry/Sharon said...

We just wanted to leave you a comment on Parker. Even though we don't know him or you, we will definitely pray for him. We have been through what this couple is going through. Our daughter was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had to have a shunt put in when she was a baby. She is now 15 and leads a very active life. If you would like to contact us our email is
Larry and Sharon Major