Sunday, November 8, 2009

Progress is being made

This is the last step to the Devine Medallion. According to my notes, I started this project on Good Friday, April 10. 2009.

Now, once I finish these last few pieces, it will look like this. I am really excited to complete my assigned portion of this project.Gerri Smith has done some beautiful embroidery on this piece that really helps to tie everything together. Linda has planned a "sew-in" on Nov.21 to put the blocks together. We are shooting for the Spring QSC meeting at the Newberry Opra House for this quilt to be seen for the first time.

Back to work. Have a good week.

PS--6:17 PM Eastern time this date: IT IS COMPLETED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won't be long now and I can show you the completed top!!!!

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Beth said...

Joyce, I think your blog name is SO cute! I found you from the Gammill group. Itsn't that group a GEM!? I am a new Gammill owner too. I upgraded from a table top frame/HQ16 last summer. She and I have JUST become friends, so I named her in honor of our friendship! I'm a back piecer too...I HATE the process (its makes a HUGE mess in my studio!), but I ADORE a pieced back, so I will continue to SLOG thru them. Nice to meet you!

Beth in AZ
Classic + 'Lucy'