Saturday, November 7, 2009


I spent today quilting a small top for Tori. She pieced this one several years ago and now she is going to give it to someone for Christmas.

Lucky person.

I used YLI varigated thread and warm and natural batting. The panograph is called Rain Drops and is the creation of Lisa Calle. I love this pattern and used it on my "Gallaxy Stars Quilt".

Did I mention "Gallaxy Stars"? I finished the binding yesterday and slept under it last night.

This slept pretty good too.
I have decided to do another one possibly using Christmas fabrics or maybe Halloween fabrics. Well, maybe I could use fall fabrics. That is the thing about this pattern, you could use any type of fabrics and have it turn out just great. Notice that I did use the pieced border option on this top. If I had some nice shams, I could just use this on my king size bed.
It was nice to escape into the studio today.

We had a real scare last weekend. Husband's Doctor detected a large mass in the right side of his chest and sent him for a CAT guided needle biopsy on Tuesday. He had known about this since the previous Thursday but did not want to tell me while I was dealing with Quilt Camp. He told me after I got home on Sunday. I thought that I was just going to collapse in front of him. This would be absolutely devastating, since he had his right lung removed 25 years ago due to lung cancer. Wellllllllllllllllll, we went to the hospital on Tuesday morning and the suugeon/radiologist ran the first CAT and after much consultation it was determined that what they/we were seeing was fluid. When the lung was removed the space was filled in with fluid and now has a few tiny calcified areas. He even went back and compared pictures from the past 25 years on the area. WHAT A RELIEF !!!! I can't tell you what a relief this was to both of us. So, we went to our favorite pasta resturant Tuesday and ate our favorites and had a wonderful bottle of wine. LIFE CAN BE GOOD, and some things are just not worth the the time it takes to deal with them.

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If I do anything tomorrow, I'll let you know.


Frog Quilter said...

Glad hubby is alright and now you
can breathe.

Great quilting. Looks like you are getting used to it.

I like your quilts.

Vicki said...

I love your Galaxy Star, it is great. Still have to quilt mine. Probably after Christmas,