Sunday, June 14, 2009


The top for the Library Quilt is finally completed. You may remember that when I started this that I wanted a 2 color project with just the blue. As you can see, that plan did not work for me after a while. There was a point that I added just one red star and all of you encouraged me to add more, so I did. Anyway, this is what I have ended up with. The top is made of 2" finished blocks, so I have done a lot of paper piecing!! Now comes the process of removing the paper. This will be done while watching TV. I am thinking that the binding will be the same color as the background. Maybe, maybe not. The walls of the Library gallery are much the same color as the background of this top. So, what I am thinking is that if I bind in the cream that it will appear that the stars and other blocks are just floating on the wall. I am really 'stumped' as to how to quilt this. What do you think?Let me know what you think about the binding and the quilting.

We have had a very important occasion in the family. Piper graduated from Pre-school. She has been in a wonderful program at one of the local churches. She has learned so much and she is now ready to go on to Kindergarten at one of the public schools. She has been enrolled in Kindergarten and is excited about starting in August.

You can tell the Mommie and daughter are very happy and proud of the day. You are lookin' good girls!!!

Last night my family gave me ANOTHER birthday party at Dusty's and Sherry's house. Pat and Danny along with Kristy and Tori contributed and we all had a wonderful evening. Pam called from the lake, sure missed her. Clay is in California so missed him too. I am not so sure I am ready to call this birthday complete so I think that we will continue the family gatherings all summer and especially when we head to the beach in a few weeks.

Now, back to the Devine Applique. I think that I will also start cutting the Devine mystery quilt top. I finally got the fabric and I think this one is telling me that it should go to Alexis for Christmas--not sure yet--but maybe.

Have a great week. Summer has really arrived here in South Carolina with really hot, humid days with afternoon thunder storms. Really reminds me of summers years ago.

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Judy Heyward said...

The quilt top turned out great, Joyce. I think matching the binding to the background would be a good choice.