Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

This was where we left off last weekend. I was working on the mystery for the Devine Guild. Well, on Friday I did put all of the blocks together. I can't show you what it looks like since the mystery won't be solved until the first Monday in July. Trust me, it is VERY bright. I also decided that I did not like the border fabrics that I had picked out, so I will have to do some shopping for some other fabric---what a bother!!!

Saturday was spent working on some things with Tori and Piper. Saturday night I decided
to work on a 'One Block Wonder' that was started a few weeks ago. The fabric is black,white,red, and gray. There are touches of deep magenta in som of the blocks also. Not much other color. This first picture is of the hexagons that I completed on Saturday night.
Today I spent working on the Center of the Devine Guild quilt. Of course, I can't show it to you, but you can see behind curtain #1 what I have done or have pinned and ready to be stitched down.
I also put together more of the hexagons.

This is where we are as of 9:30 PM on Sunday night. I really feel as though I did alot for one weekend.

I can't believe how many hexagons that I have at this point and I have sooooooo many more to stitch together. I think this is one of those tops that will require some cubes inserted for interest. I guess that I will have to pull out the other book on 'One Blocks' so that I can work those into this quilt.
Have a great week. It will really be a hot and humid one for this area.

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Vicki said...

love your one block wonder. I have fabric to do one, just got to catch up and get there. LOL. I love your new picture on your profile. you are a hoot.
take care.