Sunday, June 14, 2009

Devine '09 Mystery

Step One was cutting instructions. DONE

Step Two---Done
This also lets you see the chosen fabrics. These are the only fabrics in this project.

Now, on to Step 3. Will post that when done.

Step Three ---Done

Now, on to Step 4 !!!!
Anita ! are you watching ??????
Step Four ---Done
As I look at how this is working up I see that there really isn't enough contrast between the light and medium, especially in the orange. I'm going with it anyway.

Now I only have step 5 to work with. Step 6 will not ve revealed until our July meeting. I'm going to cook supper. Would like to finish up step 5 tonight. Maybe. Maybe not. I have really done a lot today. With the Library top and this. Great Day!!!

Step Five

Step Six????

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