Friday, June 30, 2017

Mr. One Loose Thread Quilting

Ok here goes:

Many of you know that 'something' has been going on at One Loose Thread. Well, the news is good and bad. Notice I put the 'good' first.

Several weeks ago Mr. OLT was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Now wait, this is not a death sentence!! The feeling has been if the tumor had not penetrated the bladder wall then this could be treated with either chemo or radiation. The tumor was removed Wednesday, June 28. All went well and we were told it would be at least a week before the pathology results were in. Mr. OLT received a call from his surgeon last night. The borders of the tumor are CLEAN!!! That's the great news. However, he wants to go back in in a few weeks and have another look around. Apparently there was so much bleeding that he could not see a particular area of interest. So, that is where we are with that currently. Keep praying please that we continue to get good news on this front. Mr. OLT meets with the surgeon again on July 12th and we will know more about that then.

OK, so that was the first hit.

Secondly, Mr. OLT, at the sametime was diagnosed with cancer in the lower lobe of his right kidney. This is also not a death sentence. Once the dust has settled from the bladder situation then he will have that lobe of the kidney removed and everyone expects a good outcome from that.

Mr. OLT is a 35 year cancer survivor. At the age of 35 his surgeon walked out of the operating room and said, "Mrs. Greer, if your husband had not been so young, I would have just closed him up and not removed his right lung." Dr. John Brown was a wonderful surgeon. Mr. OLT had the right lung removed due to lung cancer. He went through weeks of radiation and that was the end of that, until now. We have been so lucky and we certainly hope that God continues to smile on us.

So, there ya go. I appreciate all of your prayers at this time. If you call, I'll just cry, so just understand that I have a hard time with sympathy. I have good days and bad days, but, everything so far is looking really good. Please just keep praying and I'll keep you posted. For now, we just stay the course and look to the future.

SO................Let's go sew!


crazy quilter said...

Sending healing thought and prayers for you and Mr OTL. God works in wonderful ways and prayers do work! Keep your chin up. Love to you!

quilterkelly said...

Sending prayers for peace, compassion, and healing! Lord, hear our prayers for an effective cure for all cancers! In Jesus' name we pray! AMEN!!!!

Frog Quilter said...

Hugs Joyce. I had no idea..